Artificial Intelligence a Game Changer for Staffing

Artificial Intelligence a Game Changer for Staffing

Artificial Intelligence a Game Changer for Staffing 1200 628 rajendhar

AI game changer for staffing

It is inevitable that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has leveraged the business operations. AI has been accelerating the processes a nd reducing the flaws in business operations. AI involves software to execute tasks that are otherwise carried out by humans. It improves the decision making process and empowers the recruiters to make better decisions faster.

A recruiter’s role usually consists of different functionalities such as recruitment, onboarding, compensation, and payroll. The AI automates the workflows, enables to efficiently assess the candidates and improves the productivity of the recruiters. For instance, the AI-powered Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps the recruiters to skim through thousands of CVs and search for the appropriate keywords. It enables the recruiters to pick the right talent efficiently.

What is the impact of AI on staffing?

  1. AI saves ample time:

Artificial Intelligence transforms the way the right talent is sourced and recruited. It helps to hire the candidates more efficiently, and shortlist them more accurately in relatively less time. The AI automatically screens thousands of resumes quickly and automates time-consuming manual tasks. By making AI a part of the hiring process, the recruiters can achieve the goals faster.

2. AI improves the hiring process:

Surveys show that on an average, if a candidate applies for a job opening through a website, it approximately takes 10 days for the recruiting team to get in touch with the candidate and hire the person.  But, with AI, this entire process can significantly be improved. Using the predictive analysis method, the AI improves the hiring process.

3. AI improves the candidate experience:

The AI-powered chatbots guide the candidates efficiently as and when needed. Regardless of the time, the AI-powered chatbots are readily present to address the concerns of the candidates.

4. AI accelerates the process:

When recruiters have to fill in a job role in a stipulated time, manual processing is not effective. Artificial Intelligence enables the recruiter to build a longer talent pipeline faster and makes recruiting experience more effective.

5. AI analyzes the candidates:

The AI analyzes the presence of candidates across the social media. Based on the candidate’s presence, the AI predicts the probability of the person being interested in the role. These predictions help the recruiters to shortlist the candidates easily.

6. AI is unbiased:

With the Artificial Intelligence, there is no room for bias. The AI picks the candidates purely based on their skill set, qualifications, and experience. It helps in selecting the suitable candidate for the role.  

Artificial Intelligence has already brought tremendous changes to the staffing process. Millennium Infotech has embraced Artificial Intelligence and has been facilitating the candidates and the recruiters to experience a seamless hiring process. Through AI, we enable the recruiters to automate repetitive tasks and increase productivity. If you are someone looking to leverage the hiring process, speak to us and experience a transformation in your hiring process.


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