Secure, Evade & Protect from Database Attacks

Secure, Evade & Protect from Database Attacks

Secure, Evade & Protect from Database Attacks 1200 628 rajendhar

In this rapidly evolving technological business ecosystem, data is one of the core components of any organization. Data enables the management to make informed decisions. The analytics of the data helps the organization to predict consumer behavior. The data of any organization is stored in the database. The database is one of the prominent components for the successful functioning of an organization. Databases facilitate the storage, processing, and retrieval of the data. Along with these functionalities, databases serve as a data backup for the organization and to restore the lost data.

“Once the business data have been centralized and integrated, the value of the database is greater than the sum of the preexisting parts.”        ~Lawrence Joseph Ellison

A well-structured data in the database enables the organization to use the resources effectively. Data that is extracted helps to draw the picture of the customer behavior and plays a prominent role in improving the services of the organization. The data that is derived from the database offers a scope to transform it into insights and take the required actions accordingly.

In this digital era, most companies have integrated data as an essential part of the business for efficient data management. However, databases are more susceptible to various kinds of attacks. It is essential to be aware of these attacks and prevent them from attacking the databases of your organization.

Attacks on the database:

The databases are vulnerable to various kinds of attacks. Through these attacks, the third parties can virtually intervene into the organization and gain access to sensitive information. Below is a run-through of various attacks on the database.

  1. SQL injection attacks:

SQL injection attacks result in unauthorized access to confidential information of the organization such as customer information, proprietary information and intellectual property. The SQL injection attack makes it possible to execute malicious SQL code which is the key factor of the attack. The malicious code is embedded in the front-end applications and passed on to the database.

  1. System architecture:

Databases get breached due to the vulnerabilities of the system architecture. An insecure system architecture can exploit the data that is stored in the database. Regardless of whether the database server is on-premise or in the cloud, if the organizations are not on top of maintaining a secure system architecture, the database is susceptible to security breaches.

  1. Ransomware attack:

A ransomware attack is a malicious software that prevents access to the files on the software by encrypting the files. The ransomware also attacks the backup files and other files. This leaves the database in an inoperable state.

Databases are the primary target of any attack. While the above-mentioned attacks are prevalent, there are several other attacks on the database which need the expertise to tackle the attacks. Data protection has become the need of the hour. Databases need to be secured for the coherent and efficient functioning of the organization.

Millennium Infotech (MITI) has the right expertise, and equipment to confront all the attacks on the databases and secure the databases of the organization. MITI’s DB SaaS addresses all these issues and prevents them from arising. MITI’s exceptional database administration services ensure database safety by implementing security controls, reinforcing policies to preserve the database confidentiality and integrity.


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