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With more than 20 years of experience in successfully enabling enterprises to become more productive and functional, Millennium Infotech is a comprehensive solution for building applications, products, and solutions. At Millennium Infotech, we foster innovation, deliver technology, and render contemporary business solutions. Along with this, we developed three exceptional products that empower the organizations.
Signulu – a cloud-based eSignature software solution,
Attainica – a comprehensive HR ERP system, and
Utyla – an online interview platform.

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Signulu is a cloud-based eSignature software platform developed for the utmost convenience of individuals, professionals, and businesses. Signulu is a feature-rich eSignature software solution that is most advanced, secure, legally binding, and offers end-to-end data encryption. It is device-friendly eSignature platform, that is accessible to everyone. It facilitates the user to eSign any document from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. Learn how to secure documents and increase your organization efficiency.

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Attainica is an efficacious staffing ERP system. A one-stop destination for all your staffing hassles. At Attainica, we automate the process of applicant tracking, pick the perfect resume for your job requirement using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Attainica allows the user to run in-built email campaigns and perform intuitive onboarding. Through Attainica, we elevate performance across the business operations and drive development in different verticals of business. Talk to us to integrate HR ERP system to implement hassle-free staffing.

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Utyla is an online interview platform that simplifies the hiring process. Utyla enables the interviewers to conduct live or recorded interviews. This is a perfect match when you are hiring candidates beyond physical boundaries. Utyla makes the hiring process transparent by allowing seamless communication between an HR and the candidate. It enables the organizations to conduct multiple interviews simultaneously and considerably cuts down the time involved. Explore how the virtual interview process will bridge the gap between the candidate and the organization.

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