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Global Ignite – Accelerating Digital Transformation

Global Ignite – 2021

Accelerating Digital Transformation

“Global Ignite” is an international event organized by Millennium Infotech and powered by First Meridian Group (FM Group) that brings globally renowned C-level executives of different businesses on a common platform to Accelerate Digital Transformation. The conference aims to bring together innovators and practitioners all over the world to share their unique knowledge and experiences across all industry verticals to ignite Innovation led organizations.

Millennium hosts various events to collaborate with partners and customers
in person and virtually, Explore all events and Join us explore the innovation and
Real Digital Tranformation capabilities.

Logo Launch by Mr. JAYESH RANJAN
Principal Secretary of the Industries & Commerce (I&C) and Information Technology (IT) Departments


At a product and solution level, these smart talks will enlighten all you need to know about our roadmaps, new features and coming revolutions that will enable you to have a competitive edge in the market.

Executive Briefings

Trends evolve in unexpected ways. And often, the most interesting opportunities happen at the places where they intersect the insights and inspiration you will need for the digital journey ahead. Join us to get Inspired.

Partner Conferences

As a MITI partner or distributor, get to market faster with new technology. Learn how we can promote your solutions and offerings Collaborate with other partners and problem-solve using our Innovative solutions.

Virtual Summit

There’s mounting interest among businesses in looking beyond what’s new to what’s next In a world of infinite unknowns, Connect with us for a meaningful conversations of known technologies.

Customer Connect

Innovation for longevity and adaptability involves a deep thoughtfulness of both today’s realities and tomorrow’s possibilities. Discover the what is new and experience the power of Digital Transformation.

MITI Engage

Join Millennium Executive Leaders to learn more about our company strategy focused on an inclusive future and learn how we are shaping our business to drive customer and partner success.











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